Getting Punched in the Mouth

In the world of martial arts, you have no option but to relax — if you are tense, analytical and over thinking, you get punched in the mouth. It is just that simple. When you relax, you allow your training to take over, you roll with the punches, and occasionally — you get punched in the mouth. The main difference between the two scenarios is that in the first, you get knocked on your back and examine what put you there. The second, you get up and keep at it and return to a place of calm.

Having trained in different martial arts from 4 years old, I’ve learned a huge amount about life — primarily that a bloody lip is nothing more than a small inconvenience and something that will heal faster than you’d think. It’s an activity that evolves into a passion with deep roots that last for far longer than any bruises ever could.

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