How to Generate Over 200,000 Views on a LinkedIn Article

Last year I published ‘The Single Most Poisonous Factor in the Workplace Today‘, an article that to date has generated 212,000+ views, 10,000+ likes, and 3,400+ shared. Here is how I did it.

The goal is to get featured by the LinkedIn Editors – this will flag your content to thousands of active members, which will drive a huge amount of attention to your article. The first thing is to create good content worth sharing, no matter what steps you follow afterward, without good content, it will drive very few views. By good content, I mean a well referenced, well written, compelling, interesting and relevant article, with a great headline (avoid being too clickbaity, but a little is encouraged unfortunately…)

Secondly, the initial few minutes and hours are crucial, if you write an article that gets tens or hundreds of views, shares, comments, and likes in a short period of time after publishing, you are more likely to get featured. This can be done by having a good social network reach, and if you are part of a company, get as many people internally to read (not just open), like and share (with comments) as possible.

Thirdly, share your article in relevant groups on LinkedIn, this will increase your reach also.

Finally, go on Twitter and share your article including the phrase ‘Tip @LinkdedInEditors’, this will flag your article for human review, if they like what you have written, it will get featured.

I hope this is helpful for as many people as possible! If anyone has any questions, please get in touch – always happy to help!

If you have any other tips for people – please add them in the comments section.